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Symposium-Personalized Medicine 5.0-The role of epigenetics

Date: Thursday, May 24, 2012

Location: South San Francisco Conference Center


Sponsor: SF State Department of Biology

Contact: Department of Biology

Phone: 415 405-4107

Personalized medicine seeks to use genetic variation to develop new diagnostic tests and treatments and to identify the sub-groups of patients for whom they will work best. Information also supports lifestyle decidins and treatments that can delay onset of disease or reduce its impact, making healthcare more cost-effective. But the DNA sequence itself is only part of the story. The regulation of gene expression, and how it changes in health and disease, and in response to therapy, is crucial. Our conference focuses on the exciting area of epigenetics, or genetic change above and beyond the DNA sequence level, with profound implications for personalized medicine, pharmacogenomics, aging and oncology. Contact us for academic and student registration.


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