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The Multivalent Body: Varying Perspectives of the Human Form

Date: Friday, February 24, 2012
Time: 05:00 PM
- 08:00 PM

Location: The Art Gallery at Cesar Chavez Student Center

Cost: Free


Sponsor: The Art Gallery at Cesar Chavez Student Center

Contact: The Art Gallery at Cesar Chavez Student Center

Phone: 415-338-2580

Representing the human figure has been a constant occurrence throughout history, a study that has encompassed a wide array of forms and interpretations. Each depiction of the human form is steeped in evidence of its creation; from cave drawings, reclining nudes to pornography, each rendering of the body reveals more than the science of its composition or anatomy. Time period, cultural traditions, ethnic identity, political agendas and socioeconomic class all affect the work in its execution, subject matter, and reception. By interpreting the familiar, universal image of the body, significant truths about our social environments emerge. The human form transcends the physical to become a capsule of complexities reflective of those of life itself. The various ways a society represents its power, beauty, desire for change, or even scientific phenomena are often manifested within the portrayal of the human form. The way in which we individually choose to display and observe ourselves is evidence of our endless intrigue with the body.


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